C1 - 50ml

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  • 3 to 5 years durability
  • Excellent swirl mark resistance
  • Crystal clear finish

Ensure that you have sufficient product to coat your vehicle.  For cars up to and including a BMW 5 series saloon, 30ml is sufficient but for full sized cars including 4x4s and SUVs you will need the larger 50ml bottle
Ensure that your vehicle is out of direct sunlight but warmer than 5 degrees celcius, is completely dry and will stay dry for at least 3 hours after application
When applying the product always wear gloves to prevent C1 coming into contact with your skin
Dab product onto the application pad
Replace the lid on the bottle and set aside - do not keep the bottle in your hand as this promotes premature curing
Change the application pad after 3 to 4 applications of areas no bigger than half a car bonnet. If you do not do this, you will feel the coating becoming sticky when applying, this makes it extremely difficult to buff
The coating forms an almost immediate reaction with the paint/fiberglass molecules it comes into contact with.  Reaction time of C1 is temperature and humidity dependent – for normal room temperature at around 50 percent humidity, we recommend buffing between 30 and 60 seconds afterwards
You may need to buff the same area several times to remove residue.  We recommend using two microfiber cloths at any one time.  Please note that you are only removing excess product
Avoid buffing with too much force as this can spoil the surface you are protecting, and you may also drag the partially cured coating off the surface 
Take care that the microfiber cloths you are using are rotated sufficiently and quickly so that C1 does not partially cure in the cloth, this will make buffing residue significantly more difficult
If you miss removing residue and it cures fully, you should re-polish this area, and reapply C1
As soon as you finish put the microfibers in water and wash and dry them as soon as possible, otherwise C1 will crystallise in the cloth  
Allow the coating to cure for at least 12 hours before it gets wet
Use C1 Crystal Lacquer within 1 year of purchasing

Store opened bottles in a dry and cool storage area that's out of direct sunlight

We recommend only using opened bottles within three months of opening

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