EZ Detail 13" Wheel Brush

Your Price: $39.89
Part Number:98
  • CAR WASH SUPPLIES - Aside from foam cannon, pressure washer soap, sponge, scrub and other cleaning kit consider using the EZ brush for best results.
  • MULTIPURPOSE TOOLS - Buy this product for your RV, quads, dirt bikes, barrel tires, boats or any tire rims. It polish and cleans without scratching!
  • Add this in your car engine care products. It cleans crevices, brake dust and road grime safely. Optimize your car washing experience with this brush
  • It has chemical resistant bristles that can withstand strong solvents. Deep clean grease and oil with no worries!
  • Durable, flexible, and safe to use on all motorcycles, truck, SUV, Toyota, BMW and other automotive wheel types.
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